Capezzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Capezzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil
$38.00 each
$36.00 each with 3 or more

On the hills above the vineyards of Carmignano is Tenuta di Capezzana, a classic medieval estate that has produced olive oil since 804 AD. At Capezzana, olives are harvested at the perfect stage of ripeness and are immediately crushed in a stone mill. The traditional pressing of olive paste through fiber mats has been replaced by centrifugal decanting. Prompt crushing helps avoid a buildup of noxious olive stock in the machinery, while the elimination of fiber disks keeps pollutants to a minimum, which guarantees the purity of the oil.

Capezzana's improved processing produces an extra virgin olive oil remarkably low in oleic acid, which enhances the flavor and transparancy because sediment particles are very small. This unfiltered oil is of rare character and personality, a nearly perfect balance of fruity and bitter olive flavors. It has a golden green color, a fresh and zingy olive aroma, and a light and smooth texture. It's many layers of flavor linger in a long finish.

Product of Italy.

500 milliliters (16.9 ounces)

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