Sunsweet's Kirkland Pitted Dried Plums

Sunsweet's Kirkland Pitted Dried Plums
$14.99 each
$12.00 each with 3 or more

Sunsweet Pitted Dried Plums are an ideal taste treat. If you think a plum is a plum, get ready for a surprise! Sunsweet's fantastic flavor is no accident. Since 1917, Sunsweet has invested in perfecting proprietary growing, harvesting, pitting and packaging practices, all to provide you with the ultimate dried plum.

Sunsweet select the top 10% - 15% of plums that meet the rigorous flavor and quality standards necessary to be called a Gold Label Dried Plum!

When you need energy, antioxidants, potassium, fiber, or just an irresistibly delicious snack you can take anywhere, reach for Sunsweet Gold Label Dried Plums!

50 ounces (3 pounds 2 ounces, 1.42 kilograms)

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