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Francois Doucet Raspberry Fruit Squares, 90 gr
F. Doucet Confiserie, founded in 1969 by François and Maggy Doucet, is a family-run confectioner located in Val de Durance, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. These raspberry Squares are 51% or more pure fruit. They melt in your mouth with a burst of summer. The perfect stocking stuffer, it sure beast oranges or coal.

90 gr. Product of France
$7.60 each
$6.85 each with 6 or more

Kirkland Chocolates of the World

Chocolates of the World is a wonderful assortment of premium quality milk and dark chocolates and truffles from France, Ireland, Mexico, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium. Each container contains about 69 individually wrapped chocolates

2 pounds (907 grams)


$19.90 each
$18.10 each with 3 or more

This item is temporarily out of stock, but if you email us we will let you know when we have more!

The Taste of Itlay Gourmet Gift Box

Enjoy the rich flavors of Italy with our custom made Taste of Italy Gourmet Gift Box.

Each Gift Box comes with four unique an incredible Italian gourmet foods, encouraging the exploration of the Italian culinary landscape.

Offer a gift of taste! Have us send them The Taste of Italy!
$49.95 each
$45.00 each with 2 or more

Pink Cadillac Gummies, 5.2 oz.

Pink Cadillac Gummies!

If you love wonderful Gummy Bears, you will find these Pink Cadillac Gummies a real treat! Enjoy a sweet ride with our Pink Cadillac Gummies. All Natural.

Product of Holland. 5.2 ounces (150 grams)
$2.90 each
$2.60 each with 6 or more
Pink Cadillac Gummies, 5.2 oz. Quantity:

Loc Maria Belgian Chocolate Biscuits (Delacre style)

Loc Maria Crispy crepes cookies covered in smooth milk chocolate. They come in either a festive Red or White Box.

18 ounces (510 grams)

$17.60 each
$16.10 each with 3 or more

Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liqueurs,

Anthon Bergs Liqueur Bottles are known worldwide. Anthon Berg is able to fill the Liqueur Bottles with liqueur without using a layer of sugar crust on the inside of the bottle. Not many confectioneries are able to do that.

Product of Denmark. 64 pieces, 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram)

$32.00 each
$26.60 each with 3 or more

Musselman's Red Spiced Apple Rings

What used to be called Mussleman's Spiced Crab Apples is now called Musselman's Red Spiced Apple Rings. Same great product, same great flavor. Quality you can taste, Musselman's Red Spiced Apple Rings!

16 ounces (454 grams)

$5.90 each
$4.60 each with 6 or more

Rice Bran Oil - Great for Frying

Ready for the best frying oil ever? Put away heavy peanut oil. Don't use cheap canola or soy oil. Try using our Tophé Rice Bran Oil. You will love it!

Tophé available in Canada too!
Available in Canada:

Call Ontario Limited, Attn: Jim, 519-718-4869.
You can also email Ontario Limited at

Tophé available in Europe too!
Available in Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Austria:

Call Bodynova GmbH, Attn: Sales, +49 (0)221 35 66 35 0.
You can also email Bodynova Gmbh at
Bodynova GMBH, Scheidtweilerstr. 19, 50933 Cologne Germany

35 pounds each (almost 5 gallons)

$47.35 each
$46.10 each with 10 or more

Lazy Kettle Brand Liquid Hickory Smoke

Lazy Kettle Brand All-Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke is real smoke.
Hickory is burned, and the smoke is liquified, filtered, and bottled.

Use it to add a wonderful, smokey flavor to all your favorite foods.

If you are cooking indoors, but want the flavor of the open grill, just add a few drops of smoke on your meat.
Or, just add it to your store-bought barbecue sauce, marinade, ketchup, or dressing.

5 ounces (147 milliliters)

Where can I find Lazy Kettle Brand All Natural Liquid Smoke nearby? Click here for our Product Locator!

$5.00 each
$4.50 each with 6 or more

 Hogan's Brandy Butter

Hogan's Brandy Butter comes to us directly from England. Hogan's Brandy Butter is creamy and delicious, with a hint of brandy, and made to be smeared on some wonderful bread, scones or pie. Why not try Brandy Butter on our Irish Soda Bread? Some even use it in their coffee or tea! One taste of Hogan's Brandy Butter and you'll be hooked. Creamy and delicious.

Product of England. 190 grams

$7.50 each
$6.33 each with 6 or more

Bewley's Irish Creme Coffee comes from Bewley's Cafe, a famous cafe in Dublin that has been importing fine coffees and teas since 1835. In fact, lore has it that it was Joshua Bewley himself who introduced tea to the Emerald Isle.

But we digress. Bewley's Creme Coffee is a sublime beverage that harkens to the warmth of Ireland. One tin will make an entire pot of delicious Irish Creme Coffee.

Product of Ireland. 1.75 ounces (49.6 grams)

$2.50 each
$2.25 each with 6 or more

More Than Gourmet Classic Stocks  Demi-Glace -12pk

More Than Gourmet produces some of the finest stocks and demi-glace we've tasted. These classic French reductions are aromatic, savory, and a huge time saver. These stocks are the perfect start to your risotto, your rice dishes, or as a base to some exceptional gravy. They contain no MSG or preservatives. More Than Gourmet Demi-Glace and Stocks are a real treat!

Choose from Demi-Glace Gold (Classic French Demi-Glace made with veal and beef stock), Glace de Poulet Gold (classic roasted chicken stock), Jus de Poulet Lie Gold, Glace de Volaille Gold, Veggie-Glace Gold, and Glace de Canard Gold.

1.5 ounces (42.5 grams) x 12

$63.19 each
$59.25 each with 2 or more

Elizabethan Pantry Curds, 11 oz.

Elizabethan England produces genuine stillroom recipes and products of the Elizabethan era, including this delicious line of curds.

Product of England. 11 ounces

$8.20 each
$8.00 each with 6 or more

Fiasconaro Panettone Tradizionale, 750 gr.

Normandy butter, rare lzmir raisins, Sicilian citrus rinds, and the best Manitoba durum wheat create, in a 46 hour process, the richest and most moist Panettone.

Product of Italy. 750 grams

$21.00 each
$20.00 each with 3 or more

Truffettes de France Chocolate Truffles

Truffettes de France French Natural Truffles are incredible dark chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa powder. These truffles are made in France. Each box contains approximately 120 truffles.

Product of France. 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds)

$12.90 each
$10.30 each with 6 or more

This item is temporarily out of stock, but if you email us we will let you know when we have more!

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