Roland Kadota Figs in Light Syrup, Case of 12 Cans

Roland Kadota Figs in Light Syrup, Case of 12 Cans
$63.60 each

Kadota Figs come from the mediterranean region of Spain. These figs are green-yellow in color and are packed in light syrup. They are the size of a quarter to a half dollar. Roland kadota figs may be served chilled or at room temperature, right out of the tin. They also may be added to dishes to be cooked. Also used as a garnish. Roland Kadota Figs are a good source of iron, calcium and phosphorous, and are rich in vitamins a, b, and c. They are very good for the digestive system. Roland Kadota Figs may be used in appetizers, garnishes, fruit cups, or desserts. Serve with Parma ham. Also, Kadota Figs are excellent for breakfast. Puree for a glaze for fowl.

Product of Spain

Case of 12 x 15 ounces

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