Maldon British Sea Salt and Smoked Sea Salt

Maldon British Sea Salt and Smoked Sea Salt
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There are only four manufactures of salt in England, and Maldon in Essex is the one most sought after. Maldon has been hand-harvesting sea salt in the same manner since 1882. Demand far outstrips supply as Chefs throughout Britain and the world clamor for this delicate, hand-crafted sea salt.

According to legend, salt was first manufactured in Maldon nearly two thousand years ago by slaves of Casius Petrox, commander of a Roman legion. The fog and the damp and icy winds which swept across the open marshes to his camp were a great discomfort to a man used to the sunnier Italian climate and caused his bones to ache. His only relief was to bathe in hot sea water prepared by slaves at the end of each day.

On one occasion, Casius's return to camp was delayed and the slaves, fearful of punishment for not having his bath ready, kept the fire burning. As a result, the water was close to boiling. They did not avoid their master's wrath. His temper was calmed however when Casius noticed small white crystal at the bottom of the bath. His slaves had inadvertently discovered a method of producing salt from sea water. Anger turned to praise after Casius sent samples to his brother officers who asked for more Maldon salt. As is true today, demand increased, and the commander resigned his commission to devote his energies to Maldon salt making!

There is more to the wonderful story of Maldon Salt. Have a look at the Maldon Salt movie, "The Magic of Salt".

Product of England

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes: 8.5 ounces (240 grams)
Maldon Smoked Sea Salt: 4.4 ounces

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