Capezzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From Tenuta di Capezzana comes this unfiltered extra virgin olive oil of rare character and personality, a nearly perfect balance of fruity and bitter olive flavors. It has a golden green color, a fresh and zingy olive aroma, and a light and smooth texture. It's many layers of flavor linger in a long finish.

Product of Italy. 500 milliliters (16.9 ounces)

$38.00 each
$36.00 each with 3 or more

Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Green, fruity, and sophisticated. A fresh aroma with hints of artichoke and pepper. Use as a condiment over beans, grilled or steamed vegetables, or drizzle over soups. Frescobaldi Laudemio is consistently rated "Exceptional" and was rated #1 Tuscan Oil by Wine Spectator.

Product of Tuscany, Italy. 500 milliliters (16.9 ounces)

$36.00 each
$33.50 each with 3 or more

Olio Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Case of 6

Notably grassy and peppery with a pleasant olive character. Deep green in color with a luscious, unfiltered texture. Drizzle over fresh greens, grilled meats or over a thick piece of Italian bread. A Fancy Food Show Award Winner! Product of Sicily, Italy.

Product of Sicily, Italy. 500 milliliters (16.9 ounces) x 6

$163.00 each
$152.00 each with 2 or more

Olea 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olea Extra Virgin Olive Oil is derived exclusively from olive trees in the mountainous areas of Olympia, which is recognized as a Protected Geographical Indication for olive oil throughout Europe. The entire production process, from the treatment of the trees to the packing of the final product, strictly conforms to the European regulations for a PGI olive oil, resulting in exceptional taste and aroma.

Product of Greece. 500 milliliters (16.9 ounces)

$11.50 each
$9.50 each with 3 or more

Tophe Rice Bran Oil
Tophé Rice Bran Oil is a clean, Gluten Free, GMO Free, healthy, 100% pure vegetable oil perfect for grilling, sauteing, baking, salad dressings, and stir-frying. Tophe Rice Bran Oil is unique because of its high smoke point, and higher temperatures result in quicker cooking, crispier textures, and less oily saturation. Tophé Rice Oil are also free of trans-fatty acids.

375 milliliters (12.7 ounces)
$5.90 each
$5.50 each with 3 or more

Rice Bran Oil - Great for Frying

Ready for the best frying oil ever? Put away heavy peanut oil. Don't use cheap canola or soy oil. Try using our Tophé Rice Bran Oil. You will love it!

Tophé available in Canada too!
Available in Canada:

Call Ontario Limited, Attn: Jim, 519-718-4869.
You can also email Ontario Limited at terdik@xplornet.ca.

Tophé available in Europe too!
Available in Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Austria:

Call Bodynova GmbH, Attn: Sales, +49 (0)221 35 66 35 0.
You can also email Bodynova Gmbh at service@bodynova.de.
Bodynova GMBH, Scheidtweilerstr. 19, 50933 Cologne Germany

35 pounds each (almost 5 gallons)

$47.35 each
$46.10 each with 10 or more

Yandilla Spicy Mustard Seed Oil with Free Shipping

Yandilla Mustard Seed Oil from Australia has an aromatic flavor and a light spicy taste. Yandilla Mustard seed oil is ideal for stir-fry, Asian dishes, and barbecues.

Product of Australia. 250 milliliters (8.5 ounces) FREE SHIPPING

$17.99 each
$16.20 each with 6 or more
Yandilla Spicy Mustard Seed Oil with Free Shipping Quantity:

House of Tsang Mongolian Fire Oil

Mongolian Fire Oil is a delightfully aromatic blend of chili peppers, garlic, onion, and ginger that adds a blast of spice to almost any dish.

5 ounces (148 milliliters)

$7.10 each
$6.45 each with 6 or more

MacNutOil Company Macadamia Nut Oil

This Macadamia Nut Oil begins with the finest tree-ripened Australian macadamia nuts, which are then mechanically cold-pressed, using no solvents or chemicals. This traditional method of extracting the oil ensures the highest quality and preserves the superb aroma and taste. You can use Macadamia Nut Oil to cook, sauté, bake, and stir-fry. You can also use it in many places where olive oil cannot be used, such as in omelets, pancakes, or baked goods.

Product of Australia. 250 milliliters (8.5 ounces)

$12.50 each
$12.00 each with 12 or more

Universal Smart Spout

The Rice Bran Oil Smart Spout has arrived! No more bending or lifting to get the oil out of your 35lb container. You can attach the Rice Bran Oil Smart Spout to any type of 35 lb. oil container you need to dispense.

This spout is specifically designed to be used with our Rice Bran Oil 35 lb. boxes.

$4.99 each
Universal Smart Spout Quantity:

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