Rice Bran Oil - Great for Frying

Rice Bran Oil - Great for Frying
$47.35 each
$46.10 each with 10 or more

Time to fry a turkey? Put away heavy peanut oil. Don't use cheap canola or soy oil. Try your turkey in Rice Bran Oil.

Made from the bran of rice, Tophe Rice Bran Oil is the best frying oil available. Why, you ask? It has the highest smoke point, no flavor, and no oily mouth-feel. Foods cooked in Tophe Rice Oil don't taste oily because foods cooked in Tophe Rice Bran Oil don't absorb as much oil, and because the oil itself doesn't give foods that 'oily' taste!

Tophe Rice Bran Oil is the secret to high-end tempura, making sure tempura is light, and perfectly fried.

So try your bird in Tophe Rice Bran Oil. You will not be disappointed.

35 pounds each (almost 5 gallons)

Tophé available in Canada too!
Available in Canada:

Call Ontario Limited, Attn: Jim, 519-718-4869.
You can also email Ontario Limited at terdik@xplornet.ca.

Tophé available in Europe too!
Available in Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Austria:

Call Bodynova GmbH, Attn: Sales, +49 (0)221 35 66 35 0.
You can also email Bodynova Gmbh at service@bodynova.de.
Bodynova GMBH, Scheidtweilerstr. 19, 50933 Cologne Germany

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