Acetaia Leonardi Saba Balsamic Reduction

Acetaia Leonardi Saba Balsamic Reduction
$41.80 each
$40.00 each with 3 or more

Simmered in copper kettles over an open flame, Saba Reduction, known as a 'Dressing' in Italy, is the sweet reduction of grape must. It's the same must used for balsamic vinegar, except cooked down even more, to about one-third its original volume. Saba is aged for two years in chestnut and oak barrels. The result is a pure, sweet, syrupy expression of the Trebbiano or Lambrusco grape. With a wonderful fruity character, Saba has notes of ripe grapes, sweet plums, and raisins.

Try drizzling it over cheesecake, dressing a fruit salad, serving it on panna cotta, using it in marinades, or serving it over ice cream. Saba makes for a very exclusive holiday gift. Limited quantities, so order early.

Product of Modena, Italy

250 milliliters

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