1849 All Natural Habanero Hot Sauce

1849 All Natural Habanero Hot Sauce
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This spicy, flavorful 1849 All-Natural Habanero Hot Sauce makes for a natural heat and tingle on the tongue. Balanced spices and a nice mix of both habanero and jalapeņo peppers creates a lovely experience for the habanero enthusiast. Use our 1849 Habanero Hot Sauce in soups, on burritos, enchiladas, on hot-dogs and burgers, or any time your tongue is asking for that extra tickle only a habanero pepper can provide.

1849 All-Natural Habanero Hot Sauce features the campaign flag of U.S. Grant and Colfax, his Vice Presidential running-mate. Ulysses S Grant won the White House in 1868 with almost no campaign and rarely leaving home. He would have enjoyed our natural Habanero Hot Sauce.

Ingredients: Distilled vinegar, red jalapeņo peppers, dried habanero peppers, dried onions, dried garlic, xanthan gum, spices, black pepper.

5 ounces

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