Creole Mustard
One Gallon size!

Creole Mustard by the Gallon
Creole Mustard by the Gallon
$22.00 each
$20.00 each with 2 or more

Great Mustard, and Great Price. Perfect for foodservice, restaurant, deli, or the busy house.

Hint: Mix 1:1 with Mayo for a fantastic 'Special Sauce' for your customer's burgers and fries. Great as a veggie dip or salad dressing as well!

Are you a restaurant using Sysco Foodservice? Order Our Shut My Mouth Creole Mustard through Sysco Foodservice. Ask for Sysco Item #4660999 (also called a Sysco "SUPC#4660999").

Certified Gluten Free.

If you would like to order our Shut My Mouth Creole Mustard, call us or your local Sysco Foodservice Distributor nationwide, Sysco Item # 4660999.

1 Gallon

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